Prescription for a Flat Home: Decorating with Texture in Five Easy Steps

Decorating with Texture

Does your home have a bad case of the flats? Flat sofa, flat tables, flat art, flat floor. I’m beginning to fall asleep just thinking about it. A flat space leaves your home feeling cold, uninviting, and stale. In other words, flat is flat out boring. So let’s shake things up a bit and add some personality and warmth into your home by following these five easy steps for decorating with texture. Your home will start feeling better, stat!


Decorating with Texture Step #1: Add Area Rugs

If you have solid floors, such as tile or hardwood, not only does your home have a bad case of the flats, but it may also be giving off a cold, one-dimensional feeling. Area rugs are the instant cure for this common flat-home symptom. Not only will they add dimension, but area rugs will also break up large spaces, making your home feel more cozy and inviting.

If you are more of a minimalist, go for something simple and clean, and if your more of a maximalist, the more tufting and pattern, the better! There are even rugs with sequins and beading, if you are on the eclectic, bohemian end of the spectrum.


Decorating with Texture Step #2: Hang Dimensional Wall Décor

We can’t get away from flat walls- they’re the nature of a home. But we can cure overly flat spaces by thinking beyond the traditional flat wall art prescription. While I’m a huge fan of art (they’re a must-have for any space), having everything one dimensional just adds to the flatness of your space. Mirrors, tapestries, faux (or real) taxidermy, grass cloth wall coverings, and even a well-planned gallery wall or ornate frames, break up the flat plane of your walls and add needed dimension and depth. Isn’t your home already beginning to feel better?


Decorating with Texture Step #3: Layer in Throw Pillows and Blankets

We’ve healed your floors, mended your walls, and now it’s time to treat your furniture. Angular, flat seating does not say to the world, “Curl up on me; I’m comfy.” They just sit there sulking wondering why nobody wants to be with them. Sounds like they need an intervention! So if your furniture is feeling left out, invite some pillows and blankets over and your furniture will be playing well with other in no time.

Some additional advice from the doctor! If your furniture has built-in texture already, such tufting or being made from a soft, plush fabrics, or is curved, you will need to add less pillows and blankets. But if your seating is angular and made from a flat microfiber, linen, or leather, add more texture to add more dimension and create balance.


Decorating with Texture Step #4: Use Eclectic Lighting

Time for your lighting to get the texture treatment. If you are going all out with texture in your space- you’ve added the rugs, wall décor, and throws- your lighting doesn’t need to be so over the top. But if your space is still looking flat, add some lighting that veers away from smooth surfaces and that have built-in dimension. Heck, some of your spaces may not have any decorative lighting, so even the addition of an accent light will do wonders for the feel of your space. An ill-lit room is not a happy room. And we don’t want your home to be unhappy!


Decorating with Texture Step #5: Pay Attention to your Accessories

You’re almost cured! Now it’s time to tackle those flat spaces such as tables and shelving. The rest of your home is starting to look so happy and refreshed, and we don’t want these areas feeling left out.

I know the easiest way to fill up shelves and style a table is with books. But what are books? Flat! So use your new found gift for healing your home with texture and add interesting dimension into these areas as well. Vases, flowers, objects de art. And follow my tried and true method of having short, medium, and tall items paired together for a look that isn’t so uniform. I’m not saying don’t use books- but add to them. Stack them. Put a candle on them. Pair them with a starburst sculpture, a floral arrangement, or fun bookends. Just don’t leave them alone!


There! Now doesn’t that feel better? You’ve followed my five easy steps to decorating with texture and now your home is warm, inviting, and ready to mix and mingle with others!

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