It’s Time to Stop Pinning it and Start Nailing It!

This free email course will walk you through exactly what I do to help my interior design clients discover their unique design aesthetic- one that reflects their personality, values, and interests- their personal style!

Because after all, nobody knows how you want your home to feel everyday more than you!


You're probably frustrated by things like:

  • Spending tons of money on home décor and nothing seems to go together.
  • Searching Pinterest for hours trying to find the perfect inspiration.
  • HGTV making decorating the perfect home look so easy- they do it in a weekend!
  • Loving to have people over but being afraid that people will judge you.
  • YOU are missing from your home. Sure, it looks pretty, but it’s missing that style that is just so you!

        Well, it’s time to fix ALL of this!


Are you ready to have a home that reflects your life and makes you happy?

You don’t get there by pinning all the pretty spaces and watching countless hours of DIY television!


Interior design is more accessible than ever before!

If you’re tired of wasting time, money, and emotional energy on your home and dread stepping through the door, then this free course is perfect for you! You probably sound something like this:

  • You want your home to look like nobody else’s because it is filled with your personality, supports your needs, and makes you downright happy!

  • You want to create a home that your proud to show off to your friends and family, one that makes you want to entertain and be home more.

  • You want a home that will comfort you, energize you, and help you relax- depending on your needs!

Sound like you?

Enroll in the free Nail Your Signature Style course!

Online Interior Design Services | Modern Transitional French Bedroom with Anthropologie and Restoration Hardware Furniture

I’ve helped my clients all over the country create their own signature style, and now I’m here to help you!

"Stephanie is amazing!! I loved working with her to create the space I’ve always wanted… Stephanie worked closely with me to find my style and what I like." -Natasha, Los Angeles, CA


This is an 8-Day email course that will show you how to hone in on the perfect interior design style for your home- one that isn’t already all over the magazines; one that can’t be replicated because it’s all you!

For each day you’ll receive a new lesson right to your inbox.

This isn’t going to be a bunch of information that’s been said over and over again. This is my exact method for helping my clients create a home that is uniquely them. Your results can’t be replicated because after eight days, you’ll have an action plan for how to create a home that is perfect for you!

Nail your signature interior design style with this free email course. This email course delivers eight lessons straight to your inbox, as well as a course workbook and video masterclass. It's time to stop pinning it and start nailing it!
Nail your signature interior design style with this free course. This free course delivers eight lessons straight to your inbox, as well as a course workbook and video masterclass. It's time to stop pinning it and start nailing it!
Nail your signature interior design style with this free course. This free course delivers eight lessons straight to your inbox, as well as a course workbook and video masterclass. It's time to stop pinning it and start nailing it!

What will you learn?

How to save time and money and overcome style overwhelm

Your design personality

Your foundation design style and how to mix in elements from other design styles

How to create a  home that supports your emotional needs

Common decorating mistakes and how to avoid them

How to create a home decorating plan that works for you, your schedule, and your budget


When I started decorating my home (before I knew ANYTHING!) I had a lot of ideas. Too many ideas!

Here’s a Peek Inside the Hot Mess That Was My Home:

  • Everything was dark- gray and purple. Given that I want my home to peaceful and inspiring, this was so the wrong choice.
  • Yellow was my accent color. Yes, it looked like the Los Angeles Lakers camped out in my living room- and I don’t even like basketball!
  • The furniture was very streamlined. My love of curves, plush details, and feminine touches were absolutely missing.
  • I WAS MISSING! My personality was nowhere in the house!

     Seriously, what was I thinking?


If this is so great, why is it free?

Because nobody should be living in a house that doesn’t reflect their personality and support their emotional needs! Life is stressful (sometimes it sucks!) and when you’re home, I want you to feel unstoppable! Like nothing in the world can drag you down!

And honestly, I’d like for you to get to know me better so together we can revolutionize your home and fight the good fight against the thought that good interior design is only for those with inflated pocket books and egos!

What if I want a home that is way off trend and a little quirky- will this course work for me?

You’re talking to the girl with a pair of Wonder Woman cuffs on her desk and a Twilight Zone art piece in her living room!

I’m all about helping you create a home that is all you- and nobody else! From the quirkiest to the more traditional, this course will help you uncover what your home should really be like depending on your needs and nobody else’s.

What if I’m not creative?

You don’t have to be, but trust me! After this course, your decorating juices will be flowing and you’ll have tons of ideas (but not too may)! And plus, nobody knows you better than you! Only you really know what you need in your home. With ultimate guides, a personality quiz, a video workshop, and so much more, I’m giving you all the tools you need to finally style and decorate your home to best support you! 

Who are you anyway?

Oh hi! I’m Stephanie. I help busy women all over the country create glamorously whimsical homes.

After finishing design school, and being bored to tears by magazines and television showing the same old style in home after home, I made it my mission to spread the word that your home should be a reflection of you- not a reflection of what HGTV or Architectural Digest says that you should be.

I’ve designed some pretty unique rooms as a result, from a Wes Anderson inspired bedroom, to a fabulously French living room with a boutique salon feel, a gamer-inspired British library teen’s room, a sewing room with a magical “Golden Afternoon” Alice in Wonderland vibe, and everywhere in between. It’s a pretty fun job, but I made it that way by helping my clients discover what they truly wanted and needed- and now I’m here to help you!

Free interior design style course by Stephanie Owens at Paper Moon Interiors