Virtual Interior Design Process

It’s time to revolutionize your home!

You’ve got a case of the beiges.

You dream of a home out of the pages of an Anthropologie catalog, layered with color, texture, and that oozes your own, unique style and personality. A place your friends and family will be super envious of, but everywhere you look, you see beige, upon tan, upon oatmeal.

Let’s face it- you’ve got great taste but are struggling putting everything together, or maybe you're feeling intimidated by going bold and taking design risks.

So you’ve ended up with a bland home that doesn’t reflect who you really are. Not to mention that society has programmed you to think that interior design services are only for those with inflated bank accounts and expendable time.

Virtual Interior Design Transformation

It all happens with my virtual interior design services, which include...

Paper Moon Virtual Interior Design Package

Paper Moon Interiors Virtual Design Process

But what if I work a regular 9-5?

No problem! Virtual design doesn’t involve much one-on-one time, just an initial design brainstorming session and a post-design video call, all made on your schedule. I’ll work on my time, and you can get back to me on your time. Win-win!


But what if I don’t have a large budget?

I work with all budgets, large and small, and know all of the best places to shop to find the best deals and the most splurge-worthy pieces. And as for the design fee, it’s much more economical than buying things here and there, hoping everything works together and then having to buy more pieces once you see that they don't. Plus, doesn’t having me figure out your dream space for you sound so good?


But what if I have most of the pieces that I want to use?

Awesome! We’ll work together to decide which of my packages is the perfect fit for what you need during our 20-minute design brainstorming session.

How do we communicate?

In a word, it's flexible. You'll have access to an online studio where you'll get to see all of the design, including floor plans, style boards, and products, with links to check out the items before you make a final decision.

We can communicate in the studio through messaging, or schedule online video calls, phone calls, email, or a mix of whatever you want!

We’ll work together during our initial design session to figure out which of my signature design packages is just right for you.

Let’s get this revolution started!

Schedule a Design Brainstorming Session

Here’s what I’ve created for some of my clients that joined the Revolution!

Online Interior Design Services: Modern Vintage Masculine Home Office Design in Dallas, Texas
Online Interior Design Services: Pink Preppy Feminine Home Office Design in Newport Beach, CA
Online Interior Design Services: Rustic Vintage Bohemian Living Room Design in Los Angeles, CA

Still not convinced? Check out these client testimonials!

Online Interior Design: French Transitional Bedroom in Culver City, CA

Stephanie is amazing!! I loved working with her to create the space I’ve always wanted. Stephanie really took the time to make sure I was happy with every little detail. She never made me feel like I was troubling her to find just the right piece for me. Stephanie worked closely with me to find my style and what I like. She is so talented, creative, and I love her style!

-Natasha A. Culver City, CA

Online Interior Design Services: Wes Anderson Inspired Bohemian Bedroom in Los Angeles, CA

Stephanie was a dream to work with- she instantly “got” us. Taking her inspiration from Two of our favorite Wes Anderson prints, she transformed our bedroom into a work of art that Anderson himself would be proud of. Thanks for my Moonrise Kingdom, Stephanie! 🙂

-Meg & Elliot Los Angeles, CA

Online Interior Design Services: Modern Vintage Masculine Home Office Design in Dallas, Texas

Stephanie has an eye for detail!! We were worried initially that working remotely with a designer might not work for the amount of detailed instruction we needed (my husband has quite a bit of audio equipment, cords, speakers, instruments, etc.). She was also able to get a feel very quickly for the style we were wanting for my husband's home studio. Stephanie was able to tell us EXACTLY where everything should be placed for optimal organization and visual aesthetic. This was a bit of a specialized room and we are so grateful to work with such an outstanding professional. She delivered in spades.

-Laura & Bart Dallas, TX

Online Interior Design Services: Contemporary Eclectic Living Room Design in Oldsmar, Florida

Working with Stephanie was amazing!!! She is as intuitive as she is creative, and I really loved that she was so willing to work around my (limited) budget. The only way I could improve on the experience would be to have her here in person.

-Heather S. Oldsmar, FL

Online Interior Design: Vintage Industrial Teenager's Bedroom in San Francisco, CA

Stephanie was a dream to work with! She immediately understood my vision (and my budget limitations) and was even able to elaborate on my concept even more. I wanted a sophisticated library feel for my son's 10 year old bedroom, and she was able to marry my vision with the fact that my son is 10 and the room should still reflect his youth. She was responsive, worked quickly to find alternatives to suit our room (and my son's interests), and the end result is a fabulous, beautifully decorated, sophisticated yet accessible, fun room. He loves it and I love it too! I couldn't have asked for better work if Stephanie was sitting right there in front of me.

-Dina K. San Francisco, CA

Online Interior Design Services: Family Friendly French Living Room Design in Atlanta, Georgia

Stephanie did an amazing job with our room! She helped us put the vision we had for our space into action and suggested pieces we never would have found or thought of on our own. The end result is a gorgeous, comfortable room that everyone comments on as soon as they walk in our door!

-Sheri B. Atlanta, GA

And don't forget to check out the free Interior Design Style Personality quiz to start your journey to revolutionizing your home with your own signature style!

I can’t wait to make you a part of my Interior Design Revolution and create a swoon-worthy home just for you!