Welcome to my war room– the core of my rebellion against snobby designers and outdated rules. Now no revolution was ever won without a battle plan, a top-secret weapon that ensures victory. And as the leader of this Interior Design Revolution, my secret weapon is my Interior Design Style Personality Quiz. Think of it as your personalized battle map to defeat the boring designers that say your house has to be beige and you have to have that microfiber sofa if you don’t have the right budget. Add in this Ultimate Guide to Interior Design Styles, and we’ve got the perfect recipe to win this war!

Once you’ve taken the quiz and discovered your own interior design style personality, check out your style personality below. It will lead you to three interior design styles within your personality to help you further define your style and win the war against cookie-cutter homes. And once you’ve determined which style is just right for you, I’ve also included the following to get this revolution started in a jiffy:

  • Key Elements (So you can be the expert)
  • Must-Have Pieces (Instant-Shopping List)
  • Complimentary Styles (So you can mix it up- perfect for cohabitation)
  • Go-To Shops (Save Some Time)
  • Celebrity Designer Crush (Stalk their IG)
  • Coffee Table Book (For inspiration)

Haven’t taken the quiz yet? Get on it soldier and meet me back here to analyze your results!

Paper Moon Interiors Interior Design Style Quiz

The Minimalist Interior Design Styles

Minimalist Interior Design Styles

For you, less is more. You don’t necessarily want a cold, uninviting space, be you definitely don’t want it overly accessorized, loud, or imposing. Clean-lines and neutral colors are your friends- maybe a pattern here and there- with a mixture of natural and man-made materials. You want your home to be simple and understated.

Now that you know you’re the Minimalist, check out the Contemporary, Scandinavian, and Transitional interior design styles to further define your own style.


Paper Moon Interiors Contemporary Interior Design Style
Sources from top left: CB2, Tom Dixon, West Elm, West Elm, Kyle Bunting, CB2, CB2

You like it as minimal as minimal can be- sparing use of color and pattern, polished, streamlined surfaces, and perhaps an organic shape or two for interest.

Pro Tip: Incorporate plenty of texture to keep your home from feeling too cold.

  • Key Elements: Open floor-plan, clean-lines, emphasis on comfort, mixture of polished and natural surfaces, monochromatic color scheme
  • Must-Have Pieces: Streamlined Sofa, Black and White Wall Art, Hair on Hide Rug, Concrete Coffee Table, Globe Pendant Lighting, Womb Chair
  • Plays Well With: Contemporary Eclectic, Rustic
  • Go-To Stores: Blu Dot, Roche Bobois, Living Spaces, West Elm, CB2
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Kelly Hoppen
  • For the Coffee Table: Kelly Hoppen: How to Achieve the Home of Your Dreams


Paper Moon Interiors Scandinavian Interior Design
Sources from top left: West Elm, Sanna Annukka, Anthropologie, Sanna Annukka, F. Schumacher, Anthropologie, Stock, The Citizenry

Take contemporary design and move it up North. Rooms are going to need more layers for added warmth, more touches of nature, and perhaps some muted to brighter colors. But you’ll still want to keep the bright whites and airy feeling of contemporary design.

Pro Tip: Scandinavian design is often playful, so add in a few pieces from the whimsical interior design style guide for some fun.

  • Key Elements: White walls and ceilings, light and open spaces, white, soft beige, or gray furnishings, minimal accessories- often in silver, focus on comfort and warmth, subtle geometric patterns, natural materials
  • Must-Have Pieces: Woven Shaker Chair, Artichoke Lamp, Frameless mirror, Loose- cushioned sofa, bright accent pillows, geometric rug, fur throw blanket, bentwood ottoman, minimalistic art piece
  • Plays Well With: Mid Century Modern, Rustic
  • Go-To Stores: IKEA, West Elm, Scandinavian Design, Froy, The Citizenry
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Elin Kicken
  • For the Coffee Table: Northern Delights: Scandinavian Homes, Interiors and Design


Paper Moon Interiors Transitional Interior Design
Sources from top left: Horchow, F. Schumacher, Restoration Hardware, Horchow, Horchow, Lamps Plus, Horchow, Z Gallerie

You’re not strictly minimal. You also want your home to feel a tad traditional while being more casual and laid-back. Yeah, that’s why it’s called transitional!

Pro Tip: Look to the casual style for the perfect partner to really narrow down your design aesthetic.

  • Key Elements: Clean Lines, Neutral and Cool Color Schemes, Silver Metalwork, Minimal   yet Formal Pieces, Rich Woods
  • Must-Have Pieces: Neutral Sofa and Chairs, Abstract Art Piece, Hair-On-Hide Rug, Silver Accent Lamp, Simple Tables (Metal or Dark Wood), Simplified Traditional Chandelier
  • Plays Well With: Coastal, Mediterranean, Farmhouse
  • Go-To Stores: Home Decorators Collection, Ethan Allen, Layla Grace, Restoration Hardware
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Candice Olson
  • For the Coffee Table: Candice Olson Everyday Elegance

the casual interior design styles

Casual Interior Design Styles

Your style is laid-back. Your number-one priority is to have a comfortable home for your family, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have style. Neutral colors, simple patterns, and durable materials, either inspired from the sea, the farm, or the French countryside, make your home livable and put-together.

Now that you know you’re the Casual, check out the Coastal, Farmhouse, and Shabby Chic interior design styles to further define your own style.


Paper Moon Interiors Coastal Interior Design
Sources from top left: William Sonoma Home, Pottery Barn, Duralee, William Sonoma Home, Crate and Barrel, Minted, Thomas Paul, Pottery Barn, William Sonoma Home

You either live near the water, or your heart does. Your space is going to be crisp, airy, and cool, filled with comfortable, durable furniture with cool greens and blues.

Pro Tip: If you want to amp up the formality of your home a bit, limit the number of kitschy accessories. You can absolutely do coastal without it looking like a surf shop.

  • Key Elements: Cool Color Scheme, Ocean-Inspired Accessories, Natural Fibers and Materials, Light-Filled Spaces, Light and Neutral Stripes, Nautical or Coastal Imagery, Beadboard
  • Must-Have Pieces: Coral Sculpture, Canvas Sofa, Wicker Side Chairs, Roman Shades, Tufted Upholstered Ottoman, Striped Rug, Sea-Inspired Art, Hurricane Candles
  • Plays Well With: Transitional, Farmhouse
  • Go-To Stores: Pottery Barn, Ethan Allen, Serena & Lilly, Stanley Furniture, William Sonoma Home
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Victoria Hagan
  • For the Coffee Table: Coastal Style by Sally Hayden


Paper Moon Interiors Farmhouse Interior Design
Sources from top left: Magnolia Furniture, Iron Accents, Magnolia Market, The Lakeside Collection, Magnolia Furniture, Magnolia Furniture, Pier 1, Magnolia Market, Magnolia Home

Let me guess- you LOVE LOVE LOVE Fixer Upper and all things Magnolia Market! Yeah, I thought so! Rustic woods, galvanized metals, and a down-home country feel make your home ready for family time in comfort while not sacrificing comfort.

Pro Tip: Add a bit of a feminine touch with French-inspired pieces, or make it more masculine with some pieces from the industrial style guide.

  • Key Elements: Reclaimed Wood, Antique Signage, Casual Seating, Fresh Flowers, Neutral Color Scheme, Ship lapping wall treatments
  • Must-Have Pieces: Slipcovered chairs, Reclaimed wood table, Succulent Arrangement, Filament Bulb Light Fixtures, Vintage Rug
  • Plays Well With: Rustic, Transitional, Coastal, Industrial, French
  • Go-To Stores: Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Magnolia Market
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Joanna Gaines
  • For the Coffee Table: Patina Farm by Steve Gianetti and Brooke Gianetti


Paper Moon Interiors Shabby Chic Interior Design
Sources from top left: Caitlin Wilson, Rachel Ashwell, Stock, Overstock, Safavieh, RH Teen, Shabby Chic, Caitlin Wilson, Stock

You want a romantic, feminine space with an antiqued, vintage feel. Soft colors, some Pinterest projects, and finds from the flea market- your look is mix of tradition and character.

Pro Tip: Lower the Holly Hobby, frou-frou factor and add touches of French design for a French Country take on shabby chic.

  • Key Elements: slipcovers, pastel palettes, floral patterns, comfortable fabrics, mismatched pieces, texture and patina, secondhand pieces, worn or whitewashed woods
  • Must-Have Pieces: Slipcovered Sofa, Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table, Weathered Console, Crystal Chandelier, Knit Throw Blanket, Champagne Patina Mirror, Floral Watercolor
  • Plays Well With: Rustic, English Country, French
  • Go-To Stores: Target (Laura Ashley Collection), Layla Grace, Shabby Chic, Laura Ashley USA
  • Celebrity Designer: Rachel Ashwell
  • For the Coffee Table: Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell

the modernist interior design styles

Modern Interior Design Styles

Don’t let the term “Modern” confuse anyone- retro is definitely your thing! You’re all about angular lines paired with curvilinear shapes, bold graphic art and geometric patterns. Whether you go opulent, simplistic, or space-age, you’re right at home in the early-to-mid 1900s.

Now that you know you’re the Modernist, check out the Art Deco, Modern, and Mid-Century Modern interior design styles to further define your own style.


Paper Moon Interiors Art Deco Interior Design
Sources from top left: Mokum, Mokum, Coralie Bickford Smith, Catherine Martin, Mokum, Mokum, ADKO, Mokum, The Plaza Hotel

While not exactly the streamlined, un-ornamented look of the typical Modern style, Art Deco was a huge move in that direction. So if you like your streamlined, Modern style with a splash of speakeasy, Party-Like-Gatsby style, Art Deco is for you!

Pro Tip: To make your house look timeless instead of trapped in an era, look to the modern glam design style guide to add in some unexpected pieces.

  • Key Elements: Stylized, Ornamented & Streamlined Curves, Zigzags, Metalwork, Vibrant colors against a neutral backdrop, Polished wood and chrome
  • Must-Have Pieces: Highly-Polished Wood Coffee Table, Channeled Side Chair, Curved-back Sofa, Chrome Bar Cart, Geometric Mirror
  • Plays Well With: French, Hollywood Regency, Modern Glam
  • Go-To Stores: 1st Dibs, Mod Shop, Chairish, Layla Grace
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Catherine Martin
  • For the Coffee Table: Art Deco 1910-1939


Paper Moon Interiors Modern Interior Design
Sources from top left- Design Within Reach, Article, Knoll, Overstock, Chairish, Design Within Reach, Knoll

Mies Van Der Rohe, Corbusier, Bauhaus, this could totally end up being a history lesson, but the Modern movement was a HUGE deal! You like strong lines, minimal texture, lack of ornamentation, and uncluttered spaces with iconic furnishings that are retro but not Space-Age.

Pro Tip: Add in some bold colors or an unexpected texture to break up the historical feel of a purely Modern space.

  • Key Elements: Raised Furniture, Natural Materials, Flat Surfaces, Neutral Colors, Right Angles, Zero Ornamentation
  • Must-Have Pieces: Barcelona Chair, Arco Floor Lamp, Streamlined Sofa, Eileen Gray Side Table, Wassily Chair, Corbussier Chaise Lounge, Noguchi Table, Eames Lounger
  • Plays Well With: Vintage Vintage, Industrial
  • Go-To Stores: Design Within Reach, CB2, 2modern, 1st Dibs
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Mies Vander Roe
  • For the Coffee Table: Bauhaus by Magdalena Droste


Paper Moon Interiors Mid-Century Modern Interior Design
Sources from top left: Jonathan Adler, Jonathan Adler, Shag, Design Within Reach, Ann Sacks, Joybird, Design Within Reach, Rex Ray, Jonathan Adler

I like to call Mid-Century Modern the fun little sister of Modern design. Keep the clean lines, add in some bright colors, geometric patterns, and atomic-inspired elements, and you’re space is a bit more casual and ready for a party full of jet setters!

Pro Tip: Like all Modern styles, the goal is to bring it into our time. With Mid-Century Modern, add in a some elements from the whimsical design style for some unexpected pieces that will keep your space looking current.

  • Key Elements: Simple Lines, Clean and Uncluttered Look, Wood or Wood-Trimmed Furniture, Graphic and Geometric Patterns and Art, White Walls, Bare Floors, Plastic, Plywood & Polished Metal, Neutrals Paired with Brights, Statement Lighting
  • Must-Have Pieces: Sputnik Chandelier, Eames Molded Chairs, Tulip Table, Egg Chair, Raised Sofa, Platner Coffee Table
  • Plays Well With: Whimsical, Scandinavian, Modern
  • Go-To Stores: Design Within Reach, 2modern, Joybird, All Modern, Jonathan Adler, West Elm
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Charles Eames
  • For the Coffee Table: Mid-Century Modern by Bradley Quinn

the traditionalist interior design styles

Traditional Interior Design Styles

You’re at home in the Old World and prefer rich woods, ornate ornamentation, and neutral, warm tones. Whether it be the cozy feel of the English countryside, the metropolitan flair of Paris, or the laid-back yet formal vibe of the Mediterranean, you want your home to be polished and traditional.

Now that you know you’re the Traditionalist, check out the English Country, French, and Mediterranean interior design styles to further define your own style.


Paper Moon Interiors English Country Interior Design
Sources from top left: Ralph Lauren Paint, Stock, Kravet, Ralph Lauren Home, Chairish, Kravet, F. Schumacher, Stock

Now there are tons of English interior styles- well worth their own design guide all together. I’ve found that English Country is a blend of English styles and much more livable. So if you’re all about the cozy cottage with a bit of formality feel like Kate Winslet’s house in The Holiday, this style is for you!

Pro Tip: Have some inherited furniture from the long line of English design styles but traditional isn’t your thing? Try mixing them up with the eclectic, vintage, or casual design styles and create a unique style that you love and honors Granny’s chifferobe.

  • Key Elements: Plaid and floral fabrics, deep woods, large collections, warm natural colors, canine and equestrian motifs
  • Must-Have Pieces: Oversized, rounded sofa, Deep Wood Coffee Table, Patterned Bergere, Traditional Rug, Gallery Wall
  • Plays Well With: Vintage British, Rustic
  • Go-To Stores: Thomasville (Brompton Hall Collection), Restoration Hardware
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Kathryn Ireland
  • For the Coffee Table: Classic Country by Kathryn Ireland


Paper Moon Interiors French Interior Design
Sources from top left: Paper Moon Interiors, F. Schumacher, Ruby Lane, Kathy Kuo Home, F. Schumacher, F. Schumacher, Layla Grace

Oo la la! You probably dream of Paris and the Petite Trianon is #goals! And while there are plenty of different types of French designs, normally dealing with the shape of chair legs (I could go on and on), let’s just say your style is curvacious, luxe, airy, and ornate.

Pro Tip: Not down with the ornateness and luxury of French design, but you’re all about that French feel? Add in a bit of shabby chic to keep it casual, or go for contemporary furniture if your architecture is already ornate.

  • Key Elements: Curved Lines, Gilded Surfaces, Ornate Chandeliers, Wall and Ceiling Molding, Chinoiserie
  • Must-Have Pieces: Louis XVI Side Chairs, Crystal Chandelier, Gilded Coffee Table, Curved Sofa, Chinoiserie Chest or Artwork
  • Plays Well With: Art Deco, Modern Glam, Hollywood Regency, Vintage, Shabby Chic
  • Go-To Stores: Layla Grace, Restoration Hardware, Thomasville (Elements & Origins- Paris Collection)
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Jean Louis Deniot
  • For the Coffee Table: Parisian Interiors by Barbara Stoeltie


Paper Moon Interiors Mediterranean Interior Design
Sources from top left: Stock, F. Schumacher, F. Schumacher, Pottery Barn, Overstock, Restoration Hardware, Restoration Hardware

Yes, yes, there are tons of styles that can go into this category as well (so it goes with traditional interiors), but if you want the laid-back feel of the ocean with the formality and large-scale furniture of the old-world, then look to the Mediterranean.

Pro Tip: Don’t have the large space needed for the Mediterranean style but still want to incorporate it into your home. Ditch the large scale and focus on the overall design elements.

  • Key Elements: Warm, landscape inspired colors, large-scale furnishings, textured surfaces, stucco or Ventian plastered walls, detailed tilework, dark, rich metals, large outdoor living spaces
  • Must-Have Pieces: Wrought-iron Chandelier, Tile Flooring, Overstuffed Sofa, Carved Wood Chairs, Large Carved Coffee Table, Linen Drapery
  • Plays Well With: Transitional
  • Go-To Stores: Direct from Mexico, Thomasville (Hills of Tuscany & Casa Veneto Collections), Restoration Hardware
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Michael S. Smith
  • For the Coffee Table: Michael S. Smith: Building Beauty: The Alchemy of Design

the globalist interior design styles

Global Interior Design Styles

You’ve traveled the world (or wish you have) and have a collection to show it. You want your home to have an ethnic, cultural feel, and may opt for either the simplicity of the Orient, the layered textures of the Africa, or the calm serenity of the Tropics.

Now that you know you’re the Globalist, check out the Moroccan, Zen, and Tropical interior design styles to further define your own style.


Paper Moon Interiors Moroccan Interior Design
Sources: Sofas- Anthropologie, Tile Flooring- Ann Sacks, Wedding Blanket- World Market

Rich colors, exquisite furnishings, all while being comfortable and inviting. Sound good? Then look to Morocco for your design inspiration. And while we can’t necessarily build a riad in the middle of the suburbs (but that would be way cool!) we can incorporate Moroccan design elements into our homes.

Pro Tip: Going full Moroccan with your wall and floor finishes and accessories. Go sleek and simple with your main furnishings, and vice-versa, to keep the space from looking like a set for the next Baz Luhrman film.

  • Key Elements: Traditional Moroccan Patterns, Embroidery, Bright Colors, Low Seating, Gold Leafing
  • Must-Have Pieces: Pouf Ottoman, Arched Side Table, Floor Seating, Patterned Tile, Gold Lanterns
  • Plays Well With: Zen, Bohemian
  • Go-To Stores: World Market, Berber Trading, Just Morocco, Anthropologie, Treasures of Morocco
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Martyn Lawrence Bullard
  • For the Coffee Table: The Villas and Riads of Morocco by Corinne Verner


Paper Moon Interiors Zen Interior Design
Sources from top left: Stock, Stock, Stock, Nan Rae, Wayfair, Orchid Furniture, Wall & Deco Italy, Homewood Creation Furnishing

Your home needs to be calming, uncluttered, and have a feeling of warmth, ready for a yoga or meditation session at a moments notice. Look to the clean, low-profile furnishings of East-Asia for your design-inspiration.

Pro Tip: Want a space for meditation and relaxation with a bit more personality? Add in more traditional East-Asian accessories, art, and architectural elements to jazz it up a bit.

  • Key Elements: Diffused Lighting, Minimalistic Lines, Neutral Color Scheme, Natural Materials, Lattice Patterns
  • Must-Have Pieces: Slightly-Elevated or Ground-Level Seating, Traditional Asian Art, Shoji Screens, Greenery, Buddha Statue, Traditional Tea Service
  • Plays Well With: Contemporary
  • Go-To Stores: Home Decorators Collection, Green Tea Design, Chairish, Viva Terra, Urban Zen
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Vern Yip
  • For the Coffee Table: Asian Elements: Natural Balance in Eastern Design




Paper Moon Interiors Tropical Interior Design
Sources from top left: Tommy Bahama Home, William Sonoma Home, Stock, Osborne & Little, Tommy Bahama Home, Tommy Bahama Home, Tommy Bahama Home

Loving the idea of an ocean-inspired space, but coastal isn’t quite what you have in mind? Then tropical is the way to go. But your space doesn’t need to scream that your a Jimmy Buffett fan if you incorporate the following elements and pieces.

Pro Tip: Is tropical your thing, but in more of a Trina Turk, Lilly Pulitzer type of way? Add in some elements from the preppy style guide to get the look your going for.

  • Key Elements: Crisp Light Fabrics, Bringing the Outside In, Large Windows, Natural Materials
  • Must-Have Pieces: Greenery, White Linen Drapery, Wicker Seating, Teak Coffee Table, Grass Cloth Wall Covering
  • Plays Well With: Bohemian, Preppy
  • Go-To Stores: Tommy Bahama Home, Thomasville (Ernest Hemingway Collection), Layla Grace
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: India Hicks
  • For the Coffee Table: India Hicks: Island Style

the vintage interior design styles

Vintage Interior Design Styles

You’re an old soul with a preference for masculine design, and you want your space to show it. Worn leather, aged metals, distressed wood, and perhaps a bit of pop art, and you’re feeling right at home.

Now that you know you’re the Vintage, check out the Rustic, Industrial, and Vintage British interior design styles to further define your own style.


Paper Moon Interiors Rustic Interior Design
Sources from top left: Stock, Stock, Stock, Cole and Sons, Anthropologie, Anthropologie, Stock

Nothing too stuffy for you because you’re all about a bit of ruggedness, comfort, and worn materials. You can go full-on cabin style or tone it down for a lighter feel.

Pro Tip: Not ready to go full Southwest or Pacific Northwest with your decor? Add in some Modern or Scandinavian design elements to lighten the look.

  • Key Elements: Weathered woods, cozy colors and patterns, distressed metal, found objects, animal hides and imagery
  • Must-Have Pieces: Cow-Hide Area Rug, Antiqued Iron Pendants, Antlers, Exposed Edge Coffee Table, Sepia-Toned Photographs, Sheepskin Chair Cover, Pendelton Quilt, Leather Sofa,
  • Plays Well With: Industrial, Shabby Chic, Contemporary, Farmhouse, English, Bohemian, Modern
  • Go-To Stores: Flea Markets, The Citizenry, Etsy, Restoration Hardware, West Elm,
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Emily Henson
  • For the Coffee Table: Modern Rustic by Emily Henson


Paper Moon Interiors Industrial Interior Design
Sources from top left: Restoration Hardware, Campos Iron Works, Restoration Hardware, Andrew Martin, Safavieh, Overstock, Fleming and Howland, Kathy Kuo Home

Wouldn’t it be cool to live in an old industrial warehouse loft, with an exposed brick wall that still has the original factory signage painted on? Yeah, I think so too! Here’s how to get a bit industrial with your space.

Pro Tip: Try using Mid-Century Modern seating clad in worn leather for a cool, aviator vibe.

  • Key Elements: Exposed Brick, Concrete Flooring, Exposed Pipework, Mixture of Natural Fibers and Finishes with Metalwork, Neutral Tones
  • Must-Have Pieces: Filament bulb light fixture, Leather sofa, Metal pipe shelving, Antique Blueprint Artwork, Iron Coffee Table
  • Plays Well With: Rustic, Vintage British, Modern
  • Go-To Stores: Restoration Hardware, Etsy, Flea Markets
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Timothy Oulton
  • For the Coffee Table: Vintage Industrial: Living with Machine Age Design by Misha de Potestad and Patrice Pascal


Paper Moon Interiors Vintage British Interior Design
Sources from Top Left: Timothy Oulton, Fleming & Howland, Stock, Timothy Oulton, Edleman Leather, Restoration Hardware, Andrew Martin, Lee Jofa, Timothy Oulton

Wasn’t there just something about the British Invasion and Twiggy and old-school Doctor Who episodes? Incorporate a bit of retro British pop culture with the rugged feel of industrial pieces for a crazy-cool style.

Pro Tip: Want to amp up the glam? Incorporate lit furniture and ornate fabrics from the Art Deco era.

  • Key Elements: Leather, Tufting, Graphic Art, Ornate Rugs, Pairing of Dark Neutrals and Jewel Tones, Transportation-Inspired Pieces
  • Must-Have Pieces: Leather Chesterfield Sofa, Graphic Art Piece, Aviator Chair, Steamer Trunk Table, Persian Rug, Traditional Chandelier
  • Plays Well With: English Country, Industrial, Rustic, Art Deco, Modern Glam
  • Go-To Stores: Timothy Oulton, Restoration Hardware
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Timothy Oulton
  • For the Coffee Table: London Sketchbook by Jason Brooks

the glamourist interior design styles

Glamorous Interior Design Styles

More is more and you want your home to shine! Bold colors and patterns, metallic surfaces, and luxe materials mixed with sleek, streamlined furnishings- your home is definitely not shy. Clean, polished and sophisticated- bring on the drama!

Now that you know you’re the Glamourist, check out the Hollywood Regency, Preppy, and Modern Glam interior design styles to further define your own style.


Paper Moon Interiors Hollywood Regency Interior Design
Sources from top left: Kelly Wearstler, The Viceroy Santa Monica, Kathy Kuo Home, George Hurrell, Kathy Kuo Home, CB2, F. Schumacher, The Avalon Palm Springs, The Viceroy Santa Monica

The Queen Mother of all glamorous interior design styles! If you long for nostalgia, but more along the lines of Greta Garbo and Hedy Lamarr, and less atomic, retro-era, then Hollywood Regency is right up your alley.

Pro Tip: Fewer, quality pieces will go a lot farther than trying to buy all sorts of furniture pieces that don’t hold up to the luxury associated with Hollywood Regency. Poor quality pieces will stick out like a sore thumb in this setting.

  • Key Elements: Chinoiserie, Mirrored Surfaces, Caning Detail, Lacquer, Luxurious Fabrics, Fashion and Hollywood Art
  • Must-Have Pieces: Starburst Mirror, Mirrored Console, Tufted Velvet Sofa, Traditional Chandelier, Chinoiserie Wallpaper, Flokati Rug, Black and White Photography
  • Plays Well With: Art Deco, French
  • Go-To Stores: Kathy Kuo, Mod Shop, Z Gallerie, Zinc Door, Layla Grace
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Mary McDonald
  • For the Coffee Table: In the Pink: Dorothy Draper- America’s Most Fabulous Decorator by Carelton Varney


Paper Moon Interiors Preppy Interior Design
Sources: Flamingos- Penguin Books, Script and Book Wallpaper- Kravet All Others- Kate Spade

Now take Hollywood Regency, keep the curvacious shapes, chinoiserie, and caning details, and raise the fun level with contrasting colors, whimsical prints, and non-traditional art.

Pro Tip: Look to the home furnishing lines of some of your favorite preppy clothing companies, such as Kate Spade, Trina Turk, and Lilly Pulitzer.

  • Key Elements: Bright, Contrasting Colors, Bold Patterns, Chinoiserie, Traditional Lines, Lacquer and Lucite Finishes
  • Must-Have Pieces: Patterned Headboard, Starburst Lighting, Campaign Desk, Chinoiserie Chair, Geometric Rug, Monogrammed Bedding
  • Plays Well With: Whimsical, Mid Century Modern, Tropical
  • Go-To Stores: Kate Spade, Layla Grace, ModShop, Waiting on Martha, Anthropologie, Trina Turk
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Kate Spade
  • For the Coffee Table: In Good Taste by Kate Spade


Paper Moon Interiors Modern Glam Interior Design
Sources from Top Left- Anthropologie, Anthropologie, Groundworks, Kelly Wearstler, F. Schumacher, Kelly Wearstler, Ann Sacks, Osborne and Little, Ann Sacks

Now take Hollywood Regency, keep the luxurious finishes, and get rid of the traditional ornamentation. Layer in polished marbles, plenty of metallics, and perhaps some leather, and we’ve moved glam into the modern era.

Pro Tip: Modern Glam can be pricey, so focus on a few key elements that will really make your space pop, like wallpaper or a really special chair, and keep the rest of your room low-key.

  • Key Elements: Organic and Geometric Pattern, Metallic and Lacquered Surfaces, Bold Colors and Artwork, Statement Lighting, Lucite Accents
  • Must-Have Pieces: Patterned Wallpaper, Perforated Gold Table, Starburst Chandelier, Leather Chair, Cerused Wood Console, Lucite Bed
  • Plays Well With: Art Deco, French
  • Go-To Stores: Jonathan Adler, Arteriors, Kelly Wearstler, Zinc Door, Dwell Studio, Layla Grace, Mod Shop
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Kelly Wearstler
  • For the Coffee Table: Hue by Kelly Wearstler

the eclectic interior design styles

Eclectic Interior Design Styles

You don’t want to tie down your home to a particular style- and you don’t have to! Curated collections, unexpected colors, and layers of texture- your home is the ultimate extension of your personality. Whether it be streamlined with an edge, fun and bright, or a bit of everything rolled into one, your home is all you!

Now that you know you’re the Eclectic, check out the Contemporary Eclectic, Whimsical, and Bohemian interior design styles to further define your own style.


Paper Moon Interiors Contemporary Eclectic Interior Design
Sources from top left: Anthropologie, Osborne and Little, Anthropologie, Anthropologie, Ellie Cashman
  • Key Elements: Clean Lines of Contemporary with bolder colors and patterns, Unique Accent Pieces, Statement Lighting, Rich use of Texture, Mixture of Angular and Organic Lines
  • Must-Have Pieces: Streamlined Sofa, Textured Rug, Patterned Pillows, Embroidered Blanket, Organic Coffee Table, Lotus Pendants
  • Plays Well With: Contemporary, Rustic, Tropical, Moroccan (Basically anything!)
  • Go-To Stores: Anthropologie, Lulu & Georgia, West Elm, Living Spaces, The Citizenry
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Emily Henderson
  • For the Coffee Table: Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves by Emily Henderson


Paper Moon Interiors Whimsical Interior Design
Sources from top left: Jonathan Adler, Anthropologie, Kravet, Jonathan Adler, Kravet, Kravet, Jonathan Adler, Anthropologie, Jonathan Adler
  • Key Elements: Bright Colors, Geometric Patterns, Graphic Art Pieces, Lucite, Lacquer, and Metallic Surfaces, Unexpected Accessories
  • Must-Have Pieces: Velvet Sofa, Geometric Rug, Lacquered Console, Bold Art Piece, Unexpected Accessories
  • Plays Well With: Mid-Century Modern, Preppy
  • Go-To Stores: Jonathan Adler, Anthropologie, Lulu & Georgia, Zinc Door
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Jonathan Adler
  • For the Coffee Table: 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life by Jonathan Adler


Paper Moon Interiors Bohemian Interior Design
Sources from top left: Osborne and Little, Restoration Hardware, West Elm, Morrissey Fabric, CB2, West Elm, Hygge and West, Loire Rugs
  • Key Elements: Bold Patterns and Color, Layered Textures, a Mixture of Design Styles and Vintage Pieces, Unexpected Art and Furnishings, Bringing the Outside In
  • Must-have Pieces: Vintage Rug, Peacock Chair, Woven Wall Art, Textured Pillows, Greenery, Woven Lounge Chair, Patterned Sofa, Juju Hat
  • Plays Well With: Tropical, Moroccan, Rustic
  • Go-To Stores: Anthropologie, Lulu & Georgia, Urban Outfitter, Flea Markets
  • Celebrity Designer Crush: Justina Blakeney
  • For the Coffee Table: The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes by Justina Blakeney
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